Interview with Abdallah Badran of Nour party in Alexandria
Abdallah Badran - YOUM7 (Archive)

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt: General Secretary of the Nour party in Alexandria, Abdallah Badran talked to Youm7 about the Nour’s role in Alexandria, the upcoming elections, and its relation with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Youm7: What does Nour party think about the performance of Alexandria governor? And to what extent does it cooperate with him to solve the governorate’s problems?

Abdallah Badran: The current governor takes the side of the poor and slums, unlike previous governors who cared about paving the main streets but ignored slums. The party does make an effort to communicate with the governor; however, we were not invited to the meeting of political forces even though Nour party of one of the strongest parties now.

Y7: Did the Brotherhood play a role in defaming the party and make it appear in front of the people as a strictly religious party?

Badran: Yes, there was a scheme by the Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party to defame the image of the party, because the Brotherhood does not accept competition with a party with the same ideology. But the people understood Nour’s stance on the June 30 revolution, which reflects that the party is concerned about citizens and the interest of the country.

Y7: Are there any Copts in the party?

Badran: Yes, we have a number of Copts in the party who are responsible for several committees. The membership of the party is open to all categories of society.

Y7: How many seats could Nour get in the next parliament?

Badran: The party took 25 percent of the seats in the previous parliament. I think we can get 30 percent this time after the party’s stance on the June 30 revolution and after many of the people became convinced that the party works for the interest of society.

Y7: Do you expect that National Democratic Party members may return to the parliament again?

Badran: Belonging to the National Democratic Party is not a crime, but some people joined it to make things easier for their businesses and some of them were involved in corruption. The party has no problem with the return of the National Democratic Party members to the parliament as long as they are not involved in corruption, and I think the way is open for them now.

Originally published in Youm7.

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