Nour Party official: No viable Nasserist candidates for president
Abdallah Badran - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Secretary-General of the Nour Party in Alexandria Abdullah Badran spoke to Youm7 on March 1 about the party’s political aspirations within the current political, economic, and social challenges.

The Nour Party has not yet announced or settled on any presidential candidate. Yet Badran stated that there are currently no Nasserist leaders capable of running Egypt. So far, Hamdeen Sabbahi, head of the Popular Current Party, is the Nasserist presidential candidate, he said.

The party expects to win 30 percent of parliamentary seats, without forming alliances with other parties.

Additionally, Badran stated that the party does not object to the presence of politicians who were part of the former regime, in particular members of the National Democratic Party, if they were not involved in corruption cases.

Badran said the party does not aim at becoming the ruling power, as it believes in contribution by several parties and forces to be able to run a country like Egypt. Thus, the party is aiming for  administrative roles, city councils, and the legislative council.

Badran said that labor strikes resulted from the current political tensions and a government that is unable to reach an understanding with workers, whose strikes are the outcome of the dictatorship that was in place prior to the January 25 Revolution.

Speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, Badran said that the organization and the Freedom and Justice Party sought to distort the party’s image because they did not accept a rival with another ideology. Contrary to the Brotherhood, the Nour Party and the Salafist preachings are not interrelated, and religion is not the basis for the party’s politics, Badran said.

The Nour Party has been in a conflict with the Brotherhood since the constitutional declaration by former President Mohamed Morsi of December 2012, because the Nour Party did not approve of it, which did not please the Broterhood. On the other hand, Badran said that the Nour Party has competent members which represent all social categories – including Egyptian Christians – and has proved loyal to the public by supporting the uprising of June 30.

Originally published in Youm7.

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