EFITU: Ashry for Min. of Manpower is punishment for laborers
Bassem Halaqa - Photo courtesy of Facebook

CAIRO: The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions condemned the decision to appoint Nahed al-Ashry as the new Minister of Manpower, Friday.

Head of the federation Bassem Halaqa told Youm7 that labor communities in all syndicates reject the appointment of Nahed al-Ashry as Minister of Manpower in the recent Cabinet reshuffle.

Ashry is yet to be sworn in, along with the new Cabinet, which is expected to take the oath on Saturday, after interim President Adly Mansour reviews the new formation.

Halaqa added that Ashry used to mediate negotiations between workers and businessmen, and the workers have always felt that she worked against their interests.

“Her candidacy for the Ministry of Manpower is considered to be a punishment for the workers,” Halaqa stated.

Political factions in Egypt have forgotten that challenging workers will only result in more labor anger in the streets, and will lead to another uprising fueled by this anger and the neglect of political factions to them, as well as the unemployed labor force, and the increase of prices, Halaqa said.

Halaqa added that the government should have chosen a minister known for dealing with justice between workers and businessmen. He noted that they will await Ashry’s actions as a minister, hoping her attitude toward workers will change during the upcoming period.

Labor strikes have struck up across the country in past weeks, the majority demanding the minimum wage promised by the government when the law was implemented in December.

Particularly, the Public Transportation Authority have been on strike for a week, shutting down all 28 bus stations throughout Greater Cairo to voice their demands for minimum wage, better medical care and repairs to the fleet of buses.

Originally published in Youm7.

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