50%+1 replaces majority vote in student elections
Ain Shams University Campus - YOUM7/Mahmoud Hefnawy

CAIRO: The electoral structure for university students’ elections has changed, and now the winning candidate has to obtain 50 percent +1 of the vote, according to a new draft of the students’ regulation as Youm7 reported Saturday.

University student unions across Egypt added terms to the regulation, in order to be submitted and discussed before the next parliament and the president as per the new universities’ law.

Sources told Youm7 Friday that the majority system in the electoral structure was cancelled and substituted by the 50 percent+1 system in the new regulation. Amendments also include the expansion of the participation in the elections, where the head of the student union will be elected through an electoral complex of all students unions at the university instead of being elected by just the heads of the unions.

Sources said the new regulation states that the council of the university union will include the head of university student union, the heads of faculty unions, and the high committees to represent an executive office to the student union.

The new regulation included two committees: one specialized in general services for students and the other one specialized in rights and freedoms related to student investigations, defending students, and disciplinary councils.

Furthermore, sources said the regulation stated that the deputy heads of university or faculty unions would be appointed rather than elected.

Originally published in Youm7.

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