Dissident youth form council for reconciliation between MB and government
Amr Emara - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Dissident Muslim Brotherhood Youth Coalition announced the formation of a council for reconciliation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the government, Saturday.

The council was formed as an attempt to resolve the current crisis, and to find ways to conduct negotiations between the group and the government, through meeting a number of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders to discourage them from escalation, Coalition coordinator Amr Emara told Youm7.

The council will be formed from members of the Dissident Brotherhood Youth Coalition, and the Brotherhood Without Violence Movement, as an attempt to find a solution, through meeting a number of Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, both inside or outside of prison.

Emara noted that these attempts will take place during the week, and come in search of the country’s interests, and not for the release of the Brotherhood leaders from prison.

The Coalition is preparing a major conference to announce a new association, and a new Supreme Guide for the Muslim Brotherhood, Emara said, adding that the conference is likely to take place in mid-March.

However, dissident leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Tarek Abu el-Saad told Youm7 that all these attempts will not succeed, explaining that the Dissident Brotherhood Youth hold no sway within the group.

The Coalition’s suggestions are subsequent to a series of failed initiatives for reconciliation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the government, despite a striking lack of statements indicating willingness for reconciliation from either side.

The most recent was political science professor Hassan Nafaa’s initiative, which was rejected by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The majority of the initiatives aim for the renouncement of violence by the Muslim Brotherhood, in return for a gradual reentrance into the political scene, but have been rejected by both fronts, with the Brotherhood maintaining its claims to “legitimacy,” and the government maintaining the inflamed public sentiment towards the Brotherhood.

Originally published in Youm7.

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