Egyptian politicians criticize Brotherhood’s call for protest
Osama al-Quosi

CAIRO: Various politicians criticized the mass protests staged by the Muslim Brotherhood on Monday, accusing the group of taking revenge against the state while destabilizing the country and terrorizing its citizens.

Salafi Preacher Osama al-Quosi slammed the approach adopted by the former ruling group saying that the calls for protests by leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are to cover up their failure.

He stressed the need for suspending all planned protests in order to continue the re-building of the country’s institutions.

Hossam al-Kholi, secretary of the liberal Wafd Party, said that the Brotherhood’s protests aim to prevent the people from resuming their day-to-day life.

While Neyazi Mustafa, leader of the Free Egyptians Party, described the demonstrations of the Muslim Brotherhood as “weak,” adding that their calls for staging strikes inside metro stations led to intensified security measures which prevented the demonstrations from happening.

Mustafa praised the efforts exerted by security forces in arresting the leaders of the group, stressing that these efforts helped contain the threat posed by their protests.



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