Saudi Arabian authorities arrest 35 more fishermen, Suez Shiekh
Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saudi - AFP/Marwan Naamani

SUEZ, Egypt: Saudi Arabian authorities seized another Egyptian fishing boat on Friday, carrying about 35 fishermen, after they trespassed into Saudi territorial waters, the Sheikh of Fishermen in Suez Bakry Abu el-Hassan said in a press statement Saturday.

Meanwhile, officials in the Suez governorate told Youm7 that the Foreign Minister has undertaken diplomatic efforts to release about 100 fishermen who were detained in the Saudi Arabia territories within past weeks, after trespassing upon Saudi waters without a permit.

On Feb. 20, the Saudi authorities announced the arrest of two fishing boats carrying 66 Egyptian fishermen, after trespassing its waters without a permit. One fisherman was shot dead and another was injured during a manhunt by the Saudi coast guard to capture the two boats, whose crews did not response to warning shots.

Originally published in Youm7.

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