Mubarak: US Administration pressured us to build military bases
Mubarak trial

CAIRO: Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak said that he faced high pressures from the U.S. Administration to build a military base in return for $200 million, during the third episode of Youm7’s exclusively-obtained recordings.

He added in the record, “A U.S. congressional delegation expressed its intention to reduce annual American aid to $700 million. I responded saying that it is up to you, as it is your money. Later, I visited Russia, and the Russian government offered to conduct a weapons deal. The Americans, then, abandoned their threats.”

Egypt’s former president said the U.S. Administration deceived the former Minister of Defense Abu-Ghazala, in order to allow the Americans to build a military base. He added that he strongly refused to conduct the deal, as the officials do not have the right to relinquish Egyptian territories.

Mubarak stressed the need for blocking Turkish commodities from Egyptian markets. He condemned the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for not maintaining his relations with allies. He added that while the Turkish top official used to be a close friend to the Syrian regime, he currently leads the international campaign against the Syrian regime.

The former president added, “We were receiving the Turkish exports without customs.” He praised the decision issued by the Egyptian authorities to suspend Turkish exports during the recent period.


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