Internet Revolution campaign to escalate matters if service remains ‘poor’
Islam Khaled - YOUM7 (Archive)

SHARQIA, Egypt: The Internet Revolution (NTRA) Facebook campaign threatened to collect signatures to file a lawsuit against the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority if it does not meet a March 10 deadline to reduce pricing of internet services and improve “poor service,” page founder Islam Khaled told Youm7 Saturday.

The Facebook page, with 410,630 fans, launched on Dec. 7 as popular initiative to pressure internet service providers to reduce prices and improve speed, Khaled said.

“We set March 10 as a deadline for the NTRA, and if we are ignored, we will call on people who live in one apartment complex to share a fast internet line and suspend the rest of the lines, in addition to taking legal action,” Khaled said.

“Members of Sharqia Lawyers Syndicate have already volunteered to adopt our case,” he added.

Many Egyptian internet users complain that prices charged by internet service providers are too high when compared to other countries and to the poor service offered.

In reaction to Internet Revolution, many Egyptians on social networking websites circulated an idea to pay their internet bills in coins to express their dissatisfaction. Some have already posted videos of hundreds of coins being counted at internet service providers’ outlets.

Khaled, a 25-year-old geology engineer residing in Sharqia Governorate, said he was a member of the hacker group Eg-Shell, which hacks websites to send “protest messages.”

The group previously hacked the websites of former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, the People’s Assembly, Egypt’s Football Association and the Judges Club.

Other pages that protest internet pricing emerged on Facebook, which Khaled said he does not mind, but does not support “politicizing” the issue or calling for protests on streets.

“Our anger started online and will end online,” Khaled said.

Originally published in Youm7.

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