Committee to Defend Press Independence in Egypt condemns US human rights report

CAIRO: The Committee to Defend Press Independence in Egypt condemned the Feb. 27 U.S. report on human rights in Egypt, especially the section related to press freedoms and journalists’ rights, in a statement released on their Facebook page on March 1.

“The report is unfair and biased, similar to other reports the U.S. administration has been issuing during the past year, in particular after the June 30 uprising, in a desperate attempt to encourage terrorist organizations and promote them; ignoring the security and safety of people around the world,” read the statement.

The committee further stated international organizations had reported that the situation for journalists under Barrack Obama’s administration has been the worst in American history since Richard Nixon.

The U.S. report covers the state of human rights and press freedom in several countries during 2013.

“When voices are stifled through intimidation, violence, or even indifference, societies suffer,” read the State Department Briefing on the report.

The report said too many countries are placing restrictions on freedom of expression, adding that “some governments like … Egypt used intimidation through politicized legal action against reporters.”

Acting Assistant Secretary Uzra Zeya, during the briefing on Feb. 27, said that the report “objectively” documented human rights violations in the country under previous governments and the current government, adding that the U.S. government was working with the Egyptian government in hopes of offering support for a “return to a civilian-elected government.”

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