CCD turns Hepatitis C into amino acids through electromagnetic waves: Al-Arab
Mohamed Ezz al-Arab, head of the Tumor Unit of the National Liver Institute - YOUM7

CAIRO: “Complete Cure Device turns the Hepatitis C Virus into amino acids by exposing it to electromagnetic waves … research parties should come together to apply the new treatment … because other treatments are expensive,” Mohamed Ezz al-Arab, head of the Tumor Unit of the National Liver Institute, said during a Saturday press conference.

The device was tested according to a protocol between the Armed Forces Engineering Authority and the Ministry of Health on 100 patients infected with Hepatitis C and AIDS and had 95-100 percent success rates, Arab claimed.

There are only two internationally recognized types of treatments and Egypt uses interferon with Ribavirin, and successfully negotiated the reduction of the new Sovaldi treatment from 80,000 EGP ($11, 490) to 68,000 EGP per treatment course, which is still too expensive, Ezz al-Arab said.

“We have successfully treated around 300,000 Hepatitis C patients in eight years, how can nine million Egyptians infected with the virus be treated only at military hospitals?” Arab asked.

Hisham al-Khayat, professor of digestive and liver diseases at Theodore Bilharz Research Institute, said the military’s Engineering Authority invented two devices, C Fast and Complete Cure.

“C Fast diagnoses Hepatitis C patients and underwent all required scientific tests,” claimed Khayat, adding that research had been published in scientific journals and was presented in international science conferences.

According to Khayat, the device could play a large role in reducing infection rates by detecting the virus.

“Some 150,000 Hepatitis C cases are diagnosed in Egypt every year, which means one patient every minute,” Khayat said.

“Scientific research on the Complete Cure Device has not yet been completed, but the Engineering Authority has applied for a patent and clinical trials are being scheduled,” Khayat added.

“Announcing the device in a press conference does not follow scientific regulations,” Kahyat continued, and said it should have been announced in a scientific conference and published in scientific journals.

Mahmoud Fouad, executive director of the Egyptian Center to Protect the Right to Medicine, claimed 24 international pharmaceutical companies met in the UAE to discuss possible profits if the Complete Cure Device is effective.

Fouad warned that there was a fierce campaign against the government to prevent it from pricing medicine.

He also said the way Complete Cure was announced caused confusion.

Meanwhile, the April 6 Youth Movement expressed “gratitude and appreciation to the military for the great invention of a device that treats patients infected with Hepatitis C Virus and AIDS,” Saturday on its official Facebook page.

The movement launched a campaign on Facebook titled “Treat us,” calling on patients to go to military hospitals on June 30, wishing them a speedy recovery.

Originally published in Youm7.

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    March 3, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    What great information, I would really appreciate being informed on any new information on this subject if possible as I have the hep c virus,
    with sincere regards,
    Mike, thank you.

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