Morsi’s son refuses to provide blood sample over allegedly smoking hashish
Abdullah Morsi - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The prosecution ordered the detention of Abdullah Morsi, son of former President Mohamed Morsi, until Sunday after he and his friend Mohamed Abdel Moneim refused to provide blood and urine samples over alleged drug abuse on Saturday.

According to the prosecution’s investigations, three police officers spotted an Octavia car with tinted windows parked on a side road in Obour City. They said in the investigations that they approached the car without knowing who was inside, and when the suspects opened the car, the officers smelled hashish.

The officers searched the car and found one lit hashish-stuffed cigarette in the ashtray and another hashish-stuffed one in the glove compartment, and then escorted the two men to Obour police station. The prosecution report said the car belongs to a relative of Morsi’s friend.

Morsi’s brother, Osama, said on his Facebook page that the charges against his brother are fabricated as part of the “regime’s defamation of honest people.”

The charge of hashish possession and abuse can lead to a prison sentence in Egypt.

Originally published in Youm7.

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