Scientific research experts believe in youth ability to develop the field
Farouk el-Baz - YOUM7

CAIRO: Many leaders in former regimes did not know or understand much in scientific research, According to Egyptian renowned former NASA scientist Farouk el-Baz.

Baz spoke at the Fifth Cairo Science Festival and First National Science Month at the American University in Cairo held on Feb. 27.

He said the new constitution is in support of scientific research and allocated two percent of national income for it, which is a positive step because Egypt has  several research centers which present a number of studies and strategies that are beneficial to the development of the Egyptian economy.

Despite any ongoing political challenges, students’ participation in science reflects the youth’s level of culture and interest in science, said Mahmoud Saqr, president of the Academy for Scientific Research.

Article 23 of the constitution states that “the state sponsors researchers and inventors, allocating a portion of government spending of no less than 1 percent of the gross national product, which should gradually increase to meet international standards.”

Originally published in Youm7.

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