Former MB Deputy Supreme Guide condemns use of violence
Mohamed Habib - YOUM7

CAIRO: Former Deputy Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Habib said on Saturday that the organization has rejected violence since its establishment, and Egyptian authorities are responsible for presenting that image of the Brotherhood.

Habib also admitted in an interview with MBC Masr that on some level, the abrupt change of government pushed several Brotherhood leaders to use violence. He named former Deputy Guide Khairat el-Shater and interim Deputy Guide Mahmoud Ezzat as “greatly responsible” for the outcome of the dispersal of the Brotherhood sit-ins because they were informed of what was going to take place.

He condemned the use of violence and all parties involved in violence, including the former government of Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawy. He said the Brotherhood condemns any members who use weapons, adding that some leaders would not admit their mistakes.

As for former president Mohamed Morsi, Habib said he was told what to do by the organization, but “that doesn’t mean his hands did not get dirty with the killing of peaceful protesters in front of the Itihadeya presidential palace in December 2012, and should be held accountable.”

Since the Brotherhood lost all popular and state support, the organization is most likely to back military man Sami Anan if he runs for president, due to his former ties with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which took power during the transitional period in 2011, Habib added.

Originally published in Youm7.

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