Students demonstrate across the country with different demands
Muslim Brotherhood Student's Demonstrations


CAIRO: Three different student demonstrations took off on Saturday and one was scheduled for Sunday, each with its own demands.

In Sidi al-Badawi School, located in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, parents of students demonstrated against the school principal after their children failed in the third secondary year exams. Parents demanded that the principal be replaced while the teachers at the school objected to the parents’ demands, accusing them of belonging to the former ruling party, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Students belonging to the Brotherhood in Helwan University organized a demonstration to be held on Sunday, scheduled to be their first day of school, under the slogan, ‘the student is still the answer,’ to pray for the souls of those who lost their lives during the past events and stand against what they describe as the ‘military coup.’

Echoing the same sentiment, students of the Kerdasa Azhari Institute for Preparatory and Secondary Education waved the Rabaa Square logo while others stuck it on their shirts in support of the pro-Brotherhood sit-in that was held there until being forcefully dispersed on August 14.

Teachers and administrators tried to control the situation by rushing students to their classrooms and starting the school day.

Meanwhile, students of Faculty of Sciences, Cairo University, demonstrated in order to demand accommodation at the student dorms.






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