Amr Salama: Society masculinity reason for spread of veil, not religiosity
Amr Salama - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The widespread increase of Egyptian women and girls getting veiled is a result of a society masculinity and not because the people are getting more religious, director Amr Salama said on Saturday.

The veil and conservative way of dress spread because of the society masculinity and the economical crisis regardless of religion.

 Salama denounced the use of religious facilities in politics, adding that the Church interferes in many political events by inviting certain candidates and using the Coptic’s fear for their own interests.

During an interview with CBC2 television channel, Salama was asked about the Coptic Christians situation in Egypt and if they are persecuted by the society, Salama responded that part of the sectarian problem is the dull slogans and the emptiness the people live in.

Salama is the director of movie ‘La Moakhza’ (No Offense) that tells the story of censorship on the citizens’ minds, regardless of their religion and confiscation of right to form opinions.

Originally published in Youm7.

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