“Addicts Against Coup” kicks off in support of Abdullah Morsi
Abdullah Morsi - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A wave of sarcasm broke out on social media sites after the son of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, Abdullah, was arrested Saturday for possession of two hashish joints.

The Facebook group Addicts Against the Coup launched under a banner that resembles the Rabaa al-Adaweya sign– but holding a joint rather than raising four fingers.

Comments and tweets tended to mock the situation in general, but some remarks more directly supported or attacked Abdullah.

Abdullah Morsi was arrested Saturday on charges of possession of hashish in Qalyubia. According to the prosecution’s investigations, three police officers spotted a car with suspicious tinted windows, and after they stopped it, they found two hashish joints and arrested Abdullah and the friend he was with.

The charge of hashish possession and use can lead to a prison sentence in Egypt.

Additional reporting by Hazem Maklad and Mohamed Karana.

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