Semester at Al-Azhar University not to be postponed again: deputy head
deputy head of Al-Azhar University Ibrahim al-Hudhud - Photo courtesy of Youtube

CAIRO: Al-Azhar University has no intention of postponing the semester again at any of its branches in Egypt, and such decisions are made by the university’s board members according to students’ best interests, deputy head of Al-Azhar University Ibrahim al-Hudhud told Youm7 Sunday.

The board’s decision to postpone the semester from Feb. 22 to March 8 was a collective decision rather than a personal one, said Hudhud, who attributed the delay to repair and maintenance work inside the university.

Hudhud said in a Friday statement that the maintenance work includes erecting walls inside the campus to prevent “riots by Muslim Brotherhood students.”

Protesting students raided several buildings inside the campus during the fall term, inflicting losses of millions of pounds, according to Al-Azhar University statements.

Dozens of students were arrested during these protests, 12 of whom were sentenced to 17 years in prison in November and 19 others were sentenced to five years in February.

Originally published in Youm7.

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