March 3: 5 short films on women screened in Cinema Bahia
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CAIRO: International Egyptian Films in cooperation with the British Embassy in Cairo are sponsoring and organizing a film workshop concerning the status of Egyptian women in politics, social life and the economy, at Cinema Bahia studios downtown Cairo, on Monday evening.

Five films are to be screened. Renowned director Mohamed Khan will be supervising the session and running open discussions afterwards with the film directors.

The films are “The girl” by Sondos Shabayek, on sexual harassment; “Hypothetical” by Nada Reyad on the role of young female activists after the revolution; “Virgin man” by Mina Magdy, portraying a fictional situation where men and women switched roles, shedding light on women’s oppression in the society; “Bahiya” by Mafy Maher on a young girl trying to break constraints imposed on her; and “Masreya” by Shady el-Hakim, exploring different issues related to women from the perspective of a social analyst.

Cinema Bahia
March 3, 7 p.m.
7a Bostan St. near Talaat Harb St, downtown Cairo

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