The MB did not respond to reconciliation initiative: Hassan Nafaa
Hassan Nafaa - YOUM7

CAIRO: “The Muslim Brotherhood’s silence towards my reconciliation initiative means they rejected it,” Hassan Nafaa, political silence professor at Cairo University, told Youm7 Sunday.

Nafaa said he would not take any further steps towards reconciliation unless the Brotherhood clearly announces they accept the initiative.

The political science professor had declared an initiative early February proposing reconciliation between the state and the Brotherhood. It was attacked in the media by many parties and groups, including the National Salvation Front, Tamarod, Free Egyptians Party and Tagammu party.

 “I have been contacted by some members of the National Coalition to Support Legitimacy informing me that they convinced the Brotherhood to adopt the initiative, yet the MB has not issued a statement in this regard,” Nafaa added.

Originally published in Youm7.

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