Parties divided over reconciliation with MB
Maha Abu Bakr - YOUM7/Amin Saleh

CAIRO: Maha Abu Bakr, the spokesperson for Tamarod, said during an interview with Mehwar TV on Sunday that national reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood could be made on the condition that they abandon violence.

Otherwise, it would be a “political waste and an unnecessary burden on the upcoming president,” Abu Bakr said.

She said the public cannot accept the Brotherhood’s return to political life after they used force against people and worked toward a path that opposed their will. Therefore they cannot be “imposed” on people once more, she said.

Meanwhile, Tamarod member Eman al-Mahdy’s stance regarding reconciliation is that the Brotherhood “does not recognize the president or the roadmap. Their talk of reconciliation aims to portray that the government is unwilling to reconcile with them.”

Other political parties are divided regarding accepting an initiative for reconciliation with the Brotherhood.

The Tagammu Party disapproves of a second chance for the Brotherhood in politics, while the Salafist Nour Party views reconciliation as the only way to restore social stability.

Meanwhile Hamdeen Sabbahi, presidential candidate and head of the Popular Current Party, stated earlier on Sunday to Youm7 that reconciliation with the Brotherhood should “be left to the people.”

Amr Helmy, the party’s general coordinator, told Youm7 on Feb. 20 that Brotherhood efforts and calls for reconciliation were a “bluff.”

Originally published in Youm7.

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