No immunity for SPEC decisions: State Council’s Legislation Division member
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CAIRO: The Supreme Presidential Electoral Committee’s (SPEC) decisions will not be granted immunity by the presidential elections law, Moahmed Salah, a member of the State Council’s  Legislation Division, said Sunday.

During an interview with CBC TV channel, Salah said presidential candidates would have the right to appeal SPEC decisions within two days of their issuing.

Salah said that the current fragile situation would suggest that SPEC be immune against such appeals; but that there had to be constitutional provisions for such immunity.

Salah added that the Legislation Division had finished its review of the presidential elections law, which will be sent back to the presidency for its issuing.

The draft the presidency had referred to the division stipulated that presidential candidates would be required to present a certificate from specialized medical boards, declaring that they were mentally and physically sound, Salah claimed, adding that the division suggested the amendment of the law to allow the SPEC to instead form a medical committee that would examine the candidates.

Originally published in Youm7.

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