Nour Party looks for ‘consensus’ president over Islamist
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CAIRO: Nour Party General-Secretary Galal Morra said the party is looking to support a consensus president that represents the needs of multiple political parties and sectors of society rather than a political Islam president.

Morra told Al-Rai media on Monday that Nour would not support a political Islam  candidate but is instead meeting with other parties and reviewing the possibility of co-operating with them for a candidate upon which a wide number of parties could agree.

Though Nour is not presenting a party candidate for the presidency, it will run in the parliamentary elections, Morra added.

Morra said that Nour’s platform prioritizes security, which would then allow for stability in economic, political, and social issues.

Under former President Mohamed Morsi’s governance, Morra said, the Muslim Brotherhood mistakenly tried to exclude other political forces and in doing so antagonized other parties and state authorities. Morra said this exclusion lead to a decline of political Islam in Egypt but is not reason enough to exclude the Brotherhood from political life.

 Originally published in Youm7.

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