Strong Egypt Partycondemns maltreatment of detainees by police


CAIRO: The Strong Egypt Party condemned on Saturday the continued maltreatment of detainees in police stations and prisons, calling for the restructuring of the notorious police system.

“The interior ministry is not maintaining the basic human rights of detainees, which led to the death of adetainee in Mansura, suffering from cancer,” the party said in a statement.

Medical sources at the hospital of Mansoura’s public prison said Friday that Safwat Khalil died from late-stage cancer.

The 59 years old pharmacist has been detained since August 14 on accusations of inciting violence after meeting with Muslim Brotherhood members in his pharmacy.

Media reports indicate that security forces have detained thousands of Brotherhood members since the dispersal of pro-Mohamed Morsi sit-ins near Rabaa Al-Adaweya mosque and in Nahda square in August. Hundreds were killed during the incidents.

The party demanded restructuring the police system to ensure better treatment for the detainees and changing the police’s“security doctrine” to that of “service for all citizens.”

Police brutality, corruption and torture were some of the major issues that fueled the January 25 Revolution.

Ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s police force was notorious for torturing suspects, often to death, and committing human rights violations.

They were rarely accused of premeditated murder, and the most common charge was “beating which led to death,” which entails lighter punishment.

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