Did the Ministry of Interior disappear to return?
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Under the slogan “we are fighting terrorism,” some might think that every crackdown by security services must be accepted and forgiven. Some think that citizens should always say “there is no time for this, we are fighting terrorism” as a response to accusation against the Ministry of Interior’s excessive violence or torture. It is as if all these things are deferred and should not be questioned because “Egypt is fighting terrorism.”

The Muslim Brotherhood used the cover of “war against religion” to deter opponents and critics of their weak and confused performance. Now, everyone who jumped on the bandwagon after June 30 uses the cover of “war against terrorism” to deter everyone who rejects the brutality of some police officers.

This slogan is used against anyone who criticizes security practices with the Ultras or with detainees. We hear and see testimonies on their torture, but are not allowed to request an investigation or express resentment at their ill-treatment.

Mr. Minister of Interior, after all the greetings, tributes and eulogies that the media recites in your honor, will  you allow me to spoil the mutual affection between you and talk show hosts and partisan leaders and remind you that the police are at the service of the people?

Anyone who has sworn to serve the people may never violate the dignity of this people. Protecting the country or even scarifying their lives at confrontations with thugs and terrorists does not entitle officers to torture or beat a citizen.

For the first time in its history, the Ministry of Interior enjoys all this popular support, but it sacrifices everything when a psychopath policeman or an officer with an inferiority complex is unable to contain himself.

They arrest a student just for having Rabaa pictures on his laptop or a No to Military Trials sticker on his bag. Some officers beat youth just for holdings Ultras flags and chanting against the ministry, or for singing songs ridiculing former Minister of Interior Habib al-Adly inside the stadium, as happened with Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras White Knights.

Open investigations into these minor abuses before fury grows inside people and turn into an angry beast that you and your officers would not be able to handle. This anger would not stop until you are behind bars, just like Mubarak, Morsi and Adly.

Take action, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim before the honeymoon between police officers and citizens end. Take action because grownups as well as children would not accept but only one slogan; “the police are at the service of the people,” and not “people’s napes at the service of the police’s slaps.”

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Originally published in Youm7.

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