Policemen accused of killing Khaled Said sentenced to 10 years in prison
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ALEXANDRIA, Egypt: The two policemen accused of killing ،Khaled Said were sentenced on Monday to 10 years in prison by Alexandria Criminal Court as a final sentence.

Said was killed in June 2010 by two policemen of the Sidi Gaber Police station, Mohamed Salah and Awad Ismail, who were both found guilty of manslaughter and initially sentenced to seven years in prison in October 2011.

The court rejected the civil lawsuit filed by the defendants after they challenged the first verdict.

The seventh session of Khaled Said’s trial was adjourned between Jan. 6 to March 3 after Alexandria Criminal Court heard from the defense.

The defendants’ lawyer demanded that the court acquit his clients, citing lack of intent and absence of physical evidence that would imply police brutality.

Referring to the investigation with the defendants, the lawyer said that Said had been wanted by police when the two policemen went to arrest him, adding that “they (policemen) heard his friend Mohamed Radwan shouting at Said to throw out the marijuana.”

Said’s lawyer Mahmoud Bakari asked the court to amend the description in the case from “beaten to death” to “tortured to death”.

Forensic reports, which Said’s lawyer dismissed as incorrect, had said that Said’s teeth had not been exposed to harm.

Originally published in Youm7.

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