Kerdasa children play ‘catch a terrorist cell’
Kerdasa children play


GIZA, Egypt: Kerdasa’s children replaced their usual games with new ones that reflect the macabre reality in which they live.

Instead of their usual games, Kerdasa’s children play “catch a terrorist cell.”The game is a version of cops and robbers, where some of the children represent the police while others represent terrorists.

Two children under a meter tall stand with fake smiles before TV cameras, waving meaningless victory signs before one of them started speaking, “since the Muslim Brotherhood killed the cops we stopped playing in the streets. The streets became unsafe and arefull of strange people, armed forces soldiers and policemen running everywhere.”

The tanks and police cars do not stop wandering in the streets, but once they do stop in front of a building, they are engulfed in dozens of children raising Egyptian flags, cheering for the army and al-Sisi.

A 12-year old child always ignores his mother’s repeated calls to avoid running up to the army.

“I feel that he is safe because the army protects us, but I am afraid that anything may happen.” the child’s mother said.

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