Minister of Endowment: We work to restore Egypt’s religious, political position
Minister of Religious Endowments Mokhtar Gomaa - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt’s Minister of Religious Endowment Mokhtar Gomaa decided Monday to establish the Moderation Forum to promote Islamic teachings of tolerance and the Islamic civilization to counter extremist ideas promoted by the terrorist and jihadist groups.

He said in an interview with Youm7 that he would work to develop the Islamic Platform Magazine to be the serious platform of Islamic moderate thought in the world. He will also establish a center for languages and translation in the Supreme Council of the Islamic Affairs.

The minister said that the country witnesses a new phase of renaissance, stressing the need to struggle for developing the country during the coming period. He said that the country needs fighters to achieve its objectives. “We intend to be in the first rows to serve our country,” he added.

Gomaa struggled to liberate the mosques from the control of extremist preachers and to restore the position of Al-Azhar since he took the position, through controlling the Islamic preaching. He worked to restore Egypt’s moderate and tolerant approach.

Recently, he visited Kuwait with a delegation including Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayeb and Grand Mufti Shawky Allam. He said that the delegation reflected the unification of the Islamic institution in Egypt under the umbrella of Al-Azhar.

The minister added that Azhar proved that it could not be undermined or penetrated; stressing that it performs a national role to confront the extremism. He added that the Islamic institution prevented the attempts aiming to smear Islam, adding that Azhar will remain as a symbol of moderation and tolerance.

According to the minister the Kuwaiti official expressed their appreciation to the historic role performed by the Endowment Ministry in Egypt. He signaled that the ministry could perform a notable role to achieve development in Egypt through providing support for the poor families to pave the way for achieving social justice.

He added that the ministry works to establish a new department to use foreign languages in the preaching process to contact Muslims all over the world and to restore Egypt’s leading role on the cultural and political side. He added that this step aims to underline the civilized teachings of Islam and to promote the Islamic archeological mosques to support the tourists for visiting them.

Regarding to the unified sermon, the minister said that the preachers expressed support for this idea, adding that they chooses the titles of the sermons upon the proposals submitted by the preachers in this regard. He clarified that they turned to take such a step to prevent any attempt to turn the mosques into political platforms to achieve the interests of specific groups or parties.

He appreciated the role performed by Azhar’s Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb to support the convoys aiming to increase the public awareness of the tolerance of Islam and to confront the different images of fanaticism and extremism. He added that such convoys aim to support the people for participating in developing the country and to fight terrorism.

He added that Azhar performed a major role to confront these groups that work to use religion to achieve their own interests, adding that the Islamic institution resisted the extremist powers that worked to dominate the country.

Gomaa underlined the efforts exerted to cleanse his ministry from the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood. He added that they suspended dealing with the Forqan Institute for Preachers in Asyut, as it does not meet the conditions of the ministry in this regard. He added that they currently consider the establishment of a forum to spread the tolerant and moderate approach to prevent the attempts aiming to smear Islam.

Originally published in Youm7.

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