Copts are systematically targeted in Libya: Coptic movement
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CAIRO: Copts for the Homeland criticized the recent attacks against Coptic Egyptians in Libya, saying that Copts are systematically targeted in Libya. 

The movement attributed these attacks to the Muslim Brotherhood, adding that they are the result of the overthrow of the Brotherhood’s control over Egyptian politics.

In a Monday statement, the movement referred to the murder of seven Egyptians in Libya last week and another man who was shot in Benghazi on Sunday. “The incidents came amid the failure of the Libyan government to provide protection for Egyptians working in the country,” said the movement.

Copts for the Homeland also said Copts are targeted due to their religious identity, describing any attacks on Christians as a crime against humanity. It added that the Libyan government should bear the responsibility for such crimes.

It also demanded for the Egyptian government to take strict measures, stressing the need for opening an investigation.

Originally published in Youm7.

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