Lawyers call media to use ‘captive’ when referring to oppressed Palestinians
Head of the general assembly of the Arab Lawyers Union Omar Zien - AP

CAIRO: The general assembly of the Arab Lawyers Union met in Cairo on Monday to discuss the appropriate definition to describe a Palestinian detainee whose rights are violated by Israel.

On the advent of the inauguration of its permanent bureau in Cairo, the lawyers union convened a conference titled “Palestine will remain our central issue” to discuss the Israeli’s repeated violations of integrity of the Palestinian people and of the Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

President of union Omar Zain suggested that the term “captive” is the most appropriate definition to describe the Palestinians whose rights are violated.

“Palestinian, Arab and foreign lawyers should coordinate to come up with a word that defines the oppressed Palestinian people,” said Zain.

However, several lawyers insisted to come up with a definition during their meeting and endorsed the word “captive.”

They also called on media and other stakeholders to quit from now on using words like detainee and imprisoned when referring to a Palestinian whose rights are violated by the Israeli army.

The term ‘captive’ ensures Palestinians international protection, said the members of the union.

Originally published in Youm7.

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