Building and Development Party communicates with political forces
Alaa Aboul Nasr, Secretary General of Building and Development Party - YOUM7

CAIRO: The Building and Development Party – the political arm of the Gamaa Islamiyya – is currently communicating with various political forces to end the current crisis faced due to ongoing Muslim Brotherhood protests Secretary General of the party Alaa Aboul Nasr said, Monday.

However, Aboul Nasr refused to identify the political forces the party communicates with, adding that these forces are from outside the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy. He told Youm7 the national dialogue is the only solution to the current crisis.

Aboul Nasr continued they appreciates all the initiatives that call for national consensus and take into account the rights of supporters and opponents of the events following July 3, although the party has reservations about some points in these initiatives.

Various initiatives have been launched by different political forces, most recently that of the Dissident Muslim Brotherhood Youth Coalition, who announced the formation of a council to mediate between the Brotherhood and the government.

Further, political science professor Hassan Nafaa also launched an initiative, which received media attention, and also included the formation of a committee of non-biased mediators. However, all initiatives have either been rejected, or have not been considered, thus far.

Furthermore, official spokesperson of the Revolutionary Youth Union and member of the political bureau of the Revolutionary Powers Bloc Tamer el-Qady said that Building and Development Party is one of the main partners of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Qady added that the party was granted many opportunities to be involved in the roadmap, and to end its partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood and “distance itself from the terrorism and chaos caused by Brotherhood.”

Qady told Youm7 that everybody understands the depths of the ideological differences between the Gamaa Islamiyya and the Brotherhood, but that the Gamaa made a wrong decision in leaning towards the Brotherhood. Rather, it should have taken the Nour Party as a role model, he said.

The Building and Development party must first denounce and abandon the Brotherhood and its actions, and dismiss the Gamaa Islamiyya leaders who incite violence.

Jailed Gamaa Islamiyya publicly renounced violence in 2003, and many of these have since been released. Nonetheless, the group is still widely mistrusted, and Qady claimed that the Gamaa Islamiya will always be viewed with suspicion, unless they publicly admits endorse the events of June 30, and respect the people’s will.

Originally published in Youm7.

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