Egypt Press Review: March 4

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The two policemen accused of killing Khaled Said were sentenced to 10 years in prison by Alexandria Criminal Court on Monday as a final sentence after three years. After the verdict was issued the defendants’ families clashed with security forces inside the court hall, accusing the Minister of Interior of giving up their “sons.”


The official spokesperson of Armed Forces Ahmed Ali issued an email to communicate with the Armed Forces engineering institute regarding the inquiry about the cure for hepatitis C and AIDS; A military source told Youm7 on Monday that the armed forces will start the quantitative cure for the patients in hospitals starting on June 30.



  • Presidential electoral law on the interim President Adly Mansour bureau.
  • Minister of Supply: I will eliminate bread queues and corrupt subsidy system.
  • Scandal: Interpol seize stolen Pharaonic painting from Egypt with fake alternative in warehouses.
  • New Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab threatens ministers to work in street or be fired.
  • Assailants storm into Libyan Parliament and injure two parliament members.

Ahram pressAl-Ahram

Central Bank Governor Hisham Ramzy declared they are currently constructing Sovereign fund affiliate to the Cabinet to restructure public sector companies and managing the state-owned assets. The Central Bank put in 10 billion EGP and will put in another 10 billion to fund housing.

Ramzy asserted during his visit with Mahlab and the external debt reached $46 billion.


The Ministry of Supply abolished the “fixed prices” system approved by the former government due to the difficulty of applying such system, not only in Egypt but in all countries.



  • Revising measures of protecting Egyptians in Libya.
  • Military allocate an email to inquiry about the cure of hepatitis C.
  • Two policemen were killed and others were injured by terrorism bullets.
  • 10 years imprisonment for Khaled Said’s killers.


Akhbar pressAl-Akhbar

Minister of Education Mahmoud Aboul Nasr declared the construction of a unit for “smart learning” – similar to the UAE’s experience – in coordination with the Ministry of Communication to set solutions for confront electronic cheating in exams. They took precaution to everything that may occur during the upcoming term, Aboul Nasr said during his meeting with officials on Monday.

Aboul Nasr added that the ministry received a speech from the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Egypt that they are ready to cooperate with Egypt in constructing a huge village for students with special needs.


  • The assistant of former Minister of Solidarity resigned.
  • 53 students were released, keen about their future.
  • Spikes were stolen, so Aswan train derailed.


Al-Masry Al-Youm pressAl-Masry Al-Youm

The engineering institute for Armed Forces delayed the international press conference last Saturday about the cure for Hepatitis C and AIDS with a number of expertise and physicians, official sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm Monday.



  • New government opens “complicated files.”
  • Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation in sudden campaign to remove violations.
  • Minister of Irrigation: Three ministries undertake crisis of Renaissance Dam.


Al-Shorouq pressAl-Shorouq


Department of Legislation at the Cabinet finished discussing presidential electoral laws, anticipating to send final draft to interim President Adly Mansour. Advisor Magdy al-Agany told Al-Shorouq on Monday the department submitted the final draft for the article 7 concerning appealing on the decisions of the presidential electoral commission.


Sources at the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy told al-Shorouq they will call for “new revolutionary wave” on March 19, the anniversary of referendum of constitutional amendments 2011.



  • Economical crisis postpones Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s decision to run for president.
  • Verdict regarding changing the judges in the lawsuit “espionage and storming prisons” will be issued April 6.
  • Mahlab meets delegation from revolutionary youth to discuss their demands.
  • Egypt’s deputy Youth Minister Khaled Telima resigns from his position.


Originally published in Youm7.

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