Another dead found in Libya, believed to be Coptic
Dead body - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Another dead body was found in Benghazi’s Jarutha district on March 2 who is believed to be Coptic Christian, Herald Libyan newspaper reported.

The Newspaper said despite the man’s body not yet identified but “a small cross tattooed on his hand indicated that he was a Copt. The body had multiple gunshot wounds.”

The numbers of Egyptian Coptic deaths increased within the last week, especially after finding seven Coptic Christians dead on a Benghazi beach on Feb. 25.

“They were shot execution-style,” the news paper clarified.

On March 2, another case including an Egyptian, believed to be a Coptic Christian, was attacked by gunmen with guns while working at his grocery, the newspaper said. According to the newspaper, the man is in the intensive care unit.

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