Dostour Party launches political awareness campaign, addresses financial crisis
Hala Shukrallah, Dostour party head - YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed

CAIRO: Dostour Party will launch the “As an Egyptian Citizen” campaign in order to inform citizens’ of their political rights, said founding party member Wael Magdy.

The campaign aims to raise citizens’ political awareness and make them a key player in activating popular control over executive bodies, Magdy added.

Regarding the party’s finances, Dostour Party Secretary-General Yaqout al-Senousy told Youm7 that the party’s new leadership is aware of the financial crisis facing the party.

The party has a complete plan to confront this crisis, through collecting membership subscriptions, attracting new members, launching a fundraising campaign, establishing a private newspaper for the party, Senousy explained, adding that there are some positive steps being made.

Originally published in Youm7.

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