GUC student highlights garbage problem in Egypt
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CAIRO: Nadia Vernley, a former student of the German University in Cairo, highlighted Egypt’s garbage problem in her graduation project and developed a unique solution to address the issue.

Kasem Saeed, dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts at GUC, said the project discussed the garbage problem from two sides. The first side dealt with the impact of throwing garbage onto the ground in the streets. The video created by Vernley states that this garbage is often collected and burnt, which negatively affects the environment, and, consequently, the citizens as they are affected by the emissions of toxic gases caused by burning the garbage.

The second side discusses the global system used in selling garbage to specialized bodies for recycling. One ton of garbage is sold for 3,000 EGP to a country like China, for example. Foreign garbage collection companies working in Egypt are collecting the garbage, recycling it, and then selling the products created by the recyclables with higher prices. Thus, the country becomes an importer of a product it already had owned before, and this has a negative impact on the economy.

In an official statement, the GUC said the idea of the project reflects the work of the technical designer who focuses on finding suitable solutions for the problem.

Originally published in Youm7.

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