Certain parties try to drive wedge between Libya, Egypt: Libyan ambassador
Libyan ambassador to Egypt Mohamed Fayez - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: There is more than one party trying to drive a wedge between Egypt and Libya, said Libyan ambassador to Egypt Mohamed Fayez Gebril, adding that there must be some action to prevent these acts so that things return as they were.

Gebril, speaking on Al-Tahrir channel, added that those who commit violent acts want to take the two countries into a dark tunnel. “We should think again in order to know who are the powers that want to ruin the relationship between Egypt and Libya,” he said.

There has been a recent spate of attacks in Libya, all of which have targeted Egyptian citizens. Last week, seven Egyptian Christians were found shot and killed execution style on a Libya beach.
Originally published in Youm7.

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