Damaty: I will announce reasons for changing the court to Supreme Judicial House
Former president Mohamed Morsi During His Trial - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Mohamed al-Damaty, the spokesperson of the defense team for former president Mohamed Morsi said he wouldsubmitjustification for changing the court to the Supreme Judicial House after the court did not respond to his demands to conduct a TV interview about the lawsuit.

Damaty told Youm7 that after he sends the reasons for changing the court a civil court will look into procedures of changing the venue.

Morsi’s lawyer al-Sayed Hamed said that Damaty’s request would probably not be accepted because he did not propose persuasive reasons for changing the court.

Saber Ammar, the assistant Secretary General of Arab Lawyers’ Union, said that that the request of changing the court is an attempt to postpone the trial.

He said that if the request were accepted, only the judge who talked about the lawsuit would be changed, and the rest of the judges will continue the trial.

Originally published in Youm7.  

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