Banning Hamas activities in Egypt ‘impractical': movement leader
Hamas leader Ghazi Hamad - Photo courtesy of

CAIRO: Hamas has no operations in Egypt, making today’s ruling “impractical,” according to Hamas leader and deputy head of foreign affairs Ghazi Hamad.

Hamad told The Cairo Post via telephone Tuesday evening “the movement has no existence in Egypt,” and denied any interference in Egyptian affairs.

The Cairo Court for Urgent Matters of issued a ruling Tuesday banning any activities of Hamas within Egyptian territory.

“This verdict is against the Palestinian people and the resistance which requires avoiding the political differences between Egypt and Hamas,” said Abdel-Satar Qassem, a political science professor in Najah University in West Bank said.

“The resistance against the occupation should not be punished due to political differences between Egyptian regime and Hamas,” he added.

Qassem blamed the Egyptian media over the resentments against the Palestinians, noting that the court verdict could deepen the suffering that Gaza strip residents face.

“The court verdict is dwarfing Egypt and the people who did it are dwarfs and are not leaders for Egypt and the region entirely,” Qassem quoted as saying.

The government of former president Mohamed Morsi was seen as close to Hamas, and since his ouster on July 3, 2013, there have been increased attacks and security campaigns in North Sinai near the border with Israel and the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian government designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group on Dec. 25.

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