Hamas interfered in Egypt’s internal affairs: Former Jihadist leader
Nabil Naeem - YOUM7/Hisham Said

CAIRO: Hamas intervened in Egypt’s internal affairs and neglected resistance against Israel, former Jihad Organization leader Nabil Naeem told Youm7 Tuesday.

Naeem said 300 Hamas members were arrested on charges of inciting violence in Egypt, adding that some of the members were arrested in a car on their way to bomb the Ismailia Security Directorate.

Expert on Islamism and former Muslim Brotherhood member Sameh Eid told Youm7 that Hamas used Muslim Brotherhood offices as their headquarters due to lack of funds.

Eid added that Hamas had “confessed” that it was part of the Muslim Brotherhood which means that seizing its offices in Egypt was “normal” especially since they    “helped prisoners escape during the January 25 Revolution.”

Originally published in Youm7. 

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