New tomb discovery in Luxor: Minster of Antiquities
the new Pharaonic tomb - YOUM7

CAIRO: A new Pharaonic tomb has been discovered in west Luxor, and is believed to belong to a man named Maey who lived in the 18th century, Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim said on Tuesday.

Maey was an important businessman sometime between 1550 and 1292 BC, he said. The inscriptions on his tomb read: “Osiris’ distinguished man,” “the Crown Prince,” “the Mayor,” “the Secret Keeper of Good God” – names that many kings used to attribute to themselves – along with “the superintendent of cattle, lands, and king’s horses,” which all reflect Maey’s prominent status, Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim announced the discovery was found in a village during excavations performed by an Italian-Spanish mission. Other engravings show Maey with his wife, whose name was Neferet, in addition to depictions of banquets of men and women, hunting in forests, and the traditional ceremony of presenting gifts to gods.

Originally published in Youm7.

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