US to return smuggled antiquities to Egypt: Min. of Antiquities
Former minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A U.S. delegation is scheduled to arrive in Egypt “soon” to return Pharaonic coffins and antiquities stolen from Egyptian museums, Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim told Al-Hayat TV channel Tuesday.

The Ministry of Antiquities is seeking to change the terms of Egypt’s agreements with UNESCO regarding the recovery of smuggled antiquities, Ibrahim said, adding that Cyprus and Greece were cooperating with Egypt to recover stolen pieces.

Egypt is also seeking to conclude an agreement with France, Germany and England, Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim added that surveillance cameras were installed in museums, antiquities storehouses, and archaeological sites that are being secured by military and police forces.

Ibrahim added that the number of stolen antiquities from warehouses and museums during the January 25 Revolution was 3, 810 pieces out of hundreds of thousands of pieces.

Ibrahim said 260 pieces had been recovered from the U.S., France, Denmark and Italy.

The Ministry of Antiquities is also trying to restore the condition of Al-Moez Street after it was looted and all lights were stolen during the January 25 Revolution, Ibrahim said, adding that the ministry contracted Egyptian companies to illuminate the street.

Originally published in Youm7.

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