Political parties condemn Brotherhood’s call for protest on Oct. 6
Spokesperson for Tagammu Party Nabil Zaki - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt’s political forces have condemned the Muslim Brotherhood’s call for mass protests to take place on October 6, the national holiday that commemorates the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.


Nabil Zaki, official spokesperson of al-Tagammu Party, said, “The Brotherhood’s calls for demonstrations and the halting of metros on October 6 will not end with success.”


“Egyptians do not sympathize with the Brotherhood anymore, they lost their influence over the public,” he added.


Zaki explained that the reason why he does not anticipate violent clashes is because, “the Brotherhood cannot face the people, millions of Egyptians are against their calls to protest and siege state facilities.”


Pro-military protests have also been planned for the same day.




Shehab Wagih, spokesman for the Free Egyptians Party, announced on Sunday the party’s refusal of calls for demonstrations from either side.


“October 6 is the day to celebrate the Egyptian military forces and their big victory,” said Wagih. “It is not useful to drag national forces into violent confrontations that could result from the Brotherhood’s calls to demonstrate.”


“October 6 will be a new defeat for the Muslim Brotherhood when they fail to mobilize big crowds,” he added.


Spokesperson for Tamarod, Mohamed Nabawy, also advised to keep from protesting on that day in order to avoid bloodshed.




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