Teachers ready to suspend strikes for three months
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab - YOUM7/Ahmed Hanafy

CAIRO: A number of activist teachers said they were ready to suspend their strikes for the coming three months in response to Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab’s call to provide the government an opportunity to improve the economy and security.

Coordinator of the Free Front of Educational Professions, Ahmed Al-Ashqar told Youm7 that the problems teachers face have remained for years, but that his group would wait “for three years, not only three months.” He added that he hoped the government would draft a timetable to resolve their problems within that time.

Ashqar asked the prime minister not to repeat mistakes committed by former governments in order to avoid strikes and protests.

Head of the Egyptian Teachers Union, Abdel-Nasser Ismail said strikes and protests were not the objectives of the teachers but rather that authorities take serious steps to achieve their legal demands. He said the union would give the new government an opportunity to meet their demands while conducting negotiations with their representatives.

Activist Ayman Al-Beyali also said the government should be given a reasonable opportunity to achieve security and stability and end the transitional period. He called the government to implement the minimum wage and increase their salaries during the coming period.

Originally published in Youm7. 

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