Experts: Security forces torture defendants to make them confess
Egyptian central security forces - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A large number of human rights organization expressed anxiety over the approach adopted by the security institution in dealing with prisoners and activists, that such approach brings Egypt back to former President Hosni Mubarak‘s era.

In November, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights issued a report called “the torture crime and the phenomenon of impunity after June 30;’ it monitored the cases of torture against the prisoners in police stations before referring them to the prosecution.

Security expert Mahmoud Qatari said that security forces torture the prisoners to bring them to confess. He said security institutes did not teach its students how to face the defendants with the evidences condemning him. He said police officers should conduct accurate investigations to pressure the defendants.

He warned the security institution of its return to its previous approach by suppressing and torturing the opponents to serve the political regime. He said policemen should work to improve their image to citizens to keep public support.

Head of the Strategic Studies Center Saad Al-Zant said the violations committed in a number of police stations are individual cases. He blamed the recent violence committed against the security forces in the streets for the violent approach adopted by a number of officers.

Zant stressed the need to provide a prosecutor in each police station to pave the way to eliminate violations committed against the defendants. He said such a step will lead to positive economic and security results.

“We should develop the skills of Police Colleges’ students to take confessions of the defendants. We should improve the diplomatic performance of the security forces in dealing with the defendants, body language, and the skills of confidence building,” Zant said.

He said it is impossible for security forces to return to the suppressive approach adopted during Mubarak’s regime due to the increasing political, rights, and social awareness among Egyptians.

Originally published in Youm7.

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