Free Egyptians Party says Egypt has historic right to Nile water
Chairperson of Free Egyptians Party Ahmed Saeed - YOUM7/Mahmoud Hefnawy

CAIRO: Head of the Free Egyptians Party, Ahmed Saeed stated Wednesday at a conference on the risks of the Renaissance Dam that Egypt has a historic right to the Nile’s water and must preserve that right for the next generations.

Saeed added in his speech during the party-organized conference in Cairo that preserving the Nile is an issue of national security, but he said that the responsibility was not the government’s alone, but that of all national parties, media, and citizens.

He said it was necessary  to dissipate the state of doubt and mistrust between Egypt and the other countries in Africa and rebuild bridges of understanding which were destroyed by the previous governments.

Said added that the party meant to deliver two messages through the conference. First, to the Egyptian government: “You are not alone in this crisis, Egypt’s parties and intellectuals support you.” And secondly, to the Ethiopian government: “The people who held two revolutions will not accept injustice or negligence toward the historic rights of Nile water or its national security.”

Originally published in Youm7.

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  1. LM
    March 5, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    “Historic rights” as in colonial treaties that violate the rights of Ethiopia and other upstream countries. Cry me a river.

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