Policemen call for restructure of Min. of Interior, former officials denounce it
Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim - YOUM7/Ahmed Ismail

CAIRO: Policemen are demanding the restructure of police mechanism inside prisons and police stations and a furious battle against terrorism, especially in Sinai.

Police coalitions allocated some points to restructure the police by establishing human resources department at the Ministry of interior to improve the performance of policemen, receive suggestions from policemen and citizens, and respond to them.

Constitutional jurist Mohammed Nour Farahat criticized the by Interior Ministry officials’ denial of torture in prisons or police stations, denouncing their claims that these are individual incidents. He said restructuring police service will happen by providing it with modern mechanism for criminal investigation and issuing serious instructions of preventing use of violence in police stations and prisons.

Security expert Refaat Abdel Hamid said police service needs high international security training to be able to confront terrorism, as well as appointing interior minister deputies to put necessary security strategies and using a more direct security confrontation system.

Former Interior Minister assistant Mohamed Nour al-Din said the police needs modern technologies such as the cameras the British police use to reserve the rights of policemen and suspects in case they use violence while arresting them, as well as modern cars and weapons.

Various officials at Interior ministry denounced using the term “restructuring ministry of interior,” reported Youm7.

After June 30, many human right activists and detainees claimed that there are torture in prisons, demanding “restructuring the ministry of interior,” the term that has been criticized by many former police officials.

Minister of Interior former assistant Mohsen Hefzy denounced those who use the term “restructuring the Ministry of Interior” while police officers are dying daily in checkpoints. He demands securing them to be able to confront risks.

He demanded the government to apply the terrorism law and to “ignore” the human rights organizations that claims that there are torture acts in prisons and police stations.

Regarding the claims of torture in police stations, Hefzy said that if that is true, the police officers should be punished. He believes the Muslim Brotherhood initiated these claims in the 1990s that they were subjected to violations to gain sympathy, which proved to be wrong.

Another Minister of Interior former assistant Hossam Lashen said the ministry needs to be armed to cope with the “criminals and terrorists’ weapons.”

Another Minister of interior former assistant Mohamed Nour al-Deen told Youm7 on Tuesday that the Ministry of Interior is following a new policy.

Despite the fact that the minister denied any torture in police stations, various detainees gave testimony regarding the alleged torture they were subjected to during their detention in police stations.

Many detainees said that they were subjected to various violations and have been brutally beaten during their detention in police stations. The ministry of interior, however, issued a statement on Feb. 11 denying that acts of torture or human rights abuses in prisons.

The ministry said it “welcomes any demand from any human rights organization, whether from official or non-governmental organizations, to visit prisons.” Since then, various organizations demanded scheduling visits to jailed activists in their places of detention to inspect their condition.

The ministry repeatedly denied on Feb. 14 that there was no torture or violations of human rights in prison and welcomed inspections by human rights groups.

“Anyone who suffered from torture has to file a complaint [directly with the Ministry of Interior] and it will be addressed,” Minister of Interior assistant Abdel Karim said in a phone call with CBC channel on Feb. 14, claiming that the ministry does not accept any violations.

Originally published in Youm7.

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