Security forces led intensive crackdown in North Sinai
Armed security forces in Sinai - YOUM7 (Archive)

NORTH SINAI, Egypt: North Sinai’s cities Rafah, Arish, and Sheikh Zwayed went through a security alert status in a closure of major squares by installing consonant and mobile checkpoints and an intensive presence of armored vehicles and patrols, according to Youm7.

Security forces in North Sinai also cut off the internet and mobile network connections, coinciding with the extensive crackdown targeting hideouts of militias.

North Sinai security directorate announced in a statement on Wednesday that security forces seized three unlicensed motorcycles and busted forty outlaws who committed several financial crimes.

Security forces arrested 12 illegal Sudanese immigrants attempting to cross Egypt-Gaza borders along with a Palestinian student with an expired passport, the statement said. Security forces were also able to arrest local outlaws who possessed drugs along with another local who recently illegally traveled to Israel.

They also stormed a car repair workshop and busted three unlicensed dismantled cars, which spare parts were going to be sold. The workshop owner was arrested and investigated.

Originally published in Youm7.

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