7 films win funding of Dubai Film Market
Palestinian movie ‘Omar’

CAIRO: Achievement program related to the Dubai Film Market announced choosing seven projects of short movies for Gulf directors to support them financially in cooperation with the Image Nation Abu Dhabi Company.

“The achievement program is committed to support talented Gulf directors and Image Nation cooperates with us to provide filmmakers with the necessary supplies to complete their movies in good quality to enrich Emirati and Gulf cinema,” head of Gulf Film Festival Masoud Al Ali said.

The achievement program kicked off in 2009 to enhance Gulf cinema and enlarge its popularity. The movies it supports have the chance to participate in the Dubai Film Festival and Gulf Film Festival, as well as promoting them for international festivals. Palestinian movie ‘Omar’ was nominated for the Oscar as best Foreign Language Film and Saudi movie ‘Wagda’ was nominated for Bafta award.

The chosen movies projects are; ‘A Long Night’ by Iraqi Kamiran Betasi; ‘Bus 321’ by Saudi Hussain Al-Mutlaq; ‘Who Killed Sarah’ by Saudi Mohamed Al-Saber; ‘The Deep’ by Iraqi Haider Rashid; ‘The Bad Hunter’ by Iraqi Sahim Omar Khalifa; ‘Souq Al Markazi’ by Bahraini Saleh Nass; and ‘Bicycle’ by Iraqi Aieas Jehad.

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