April 6: Sisi’s nomination for presidency will increase polarization
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CAIRO: The mounting ambiguity over Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s potential presidential bid has aroused a major schism in the political arena, following his continuously vague statements failing to indicate whether or not he will run.

On the one hand, the April 6 Movement said that irrespective of who becomes president, it is the Egyptian people who will achieve development, and not the next president.

In a Wednesday statement, the movement said that no one can resolve the increasing problems of the country individually without the cooperation of the Egyptian people.

The movement suggested that different parties review their positions, pointing towards the importance of recognizing the increasing threats against the country and its national security.

Many of the major political forces on the arena have long been vocal about the need for a security solution for the current crisis, often tantamount to an open call for intensifying the crackdown on pro-Muslim Brotherhood and other protestors.

Yet, despite the majority of these political forces expressing support for Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, April 6 warned that Sisi’s decision to run for the presidency will not achieve the interests of the country, and will instead exacerbate the tension and the polarization that has been present in the country for years.

Furthermore, member of political office of the movement Mohamed Mustafa said that they are considering nominating a young presidential candidate in the upcoming election, expressing confidence that such a candidate will gain the votes of the youth.

He added, in a statement to Youm7 on Wednesday, they have discussed the matter with the imprisoned members of the movement, raising the alternative of boycotting the upcoming presidential elections on the basis of a political trend that questions the legitimacy of the voting process.

He added that while the movement respects the potential presidential candidate Khaled Ali, they have not decided yet whether or not to support him in the coming elections.

Moreover, the movement has not received any invitations to meet with Hamdeen Sabbahi, criticizing his sole dependence on the political parties in his electoral campaign, despite the role performed by the youth in recent years.

Both Sabbahi and Ali have announced their candidacy, but nominations remain unofficial until the Supreme Electoral Commission releases its official list.

Further, with the majority of media outlets touting firm support for Sisi, it is difficult to gauge the chances of other candidates, or whether Sabbahi’s wide voter base in the last elections, which took many by surprise, will translate during these elections.

Reporting by Iman Ali and Mostafa Abdel Tawab.

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