Islamists giving testimonies to June 30 fact-finding committee: spokesperson
Committee spokesperson Omar Marawan - YOUM7/MAhmoud Hefnawy

CAIRO: There is significant progress regarding Islamists giving their testimonies to the June 30 fact-finding committee, said Omar Marwan, spokesperson for the committee, on Wednesday.

During a press statement, Marwan said there has been some response by citizens to the committee’s calls to provide it with information and evidence regarding the issues under investiagation. Marwan also said the committee is keen on hearing from all parties and different points of view to get the facts straight.

Marwan also demanded the quick issuance of the witness protection law as it will increase the interaction between citizens and the committee.

He added that the National Council for Human Rights has finished their report based on the facts they have received and then they will send it to the committee.

Originally published in Youm7.

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